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Why should you choose BDS as your project partner?

The Sensory-friendly philosophy is the heart of every design. This translates to harmonious palettes, soft intentions, and childlike boldness. The studio is a marriage between Architecture and Occupational Therapy. Therefore, our interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and designing is curated and armed with many theories and techniques to bring your vision to life. You are the captain of your life and project, make smart decisions with BDS. Pricings are to be made available soon.

The BDS Team

Campaign Design

Have a mission in mind? Maybe you’d want to advocate for something close to the heart. Want to start a movement of meaning? We know what that’s about.

Project Aesthetic Design Conceptualization

Know your next big break? Maybe you’ve decided that consistency throughout the content is essential. Want something different? Look no further.

Digital Art & Photo Editing

Searching for the next piece for your office space? Maybe you’ve already visualized your dream house or paradise. Are you hoping for things to be done better than you’ve anticipated? Invite us to make what you see.