The two names of this pattern are Malikot and Singe Enfant. Being based in both Manila and Toronto, we thought it’d be beneficial to have a name that both audiences can relate to. Malikot is the Tagalog term that Filipinos call children who are constantly restless and erupting with energy. Singe Enfant in French means Baby Boy Monkey. These two names aim to capture the pattern’s childlike spontaneity, and with open arms, it welcomes it without judgement. There is duality at play that as children we understood but, as we developed, we have forgotten. The pattern brings back that “makes sense but doesn’t” thinking, playfully.
“Be that bit of colour for someone today.” (2021)

BDS’s launches its first social media campaign. The goal is to remind everyone to make somebody see the colours of the world again. In times of uncertainty, we all seek a place of familiarity and warmth. So the campaign promotes being there for others, especially for the ones that need it most. Be their home, be their place, be their colour.

“Couleurs du Paradis” (2021)
This campaign seeks to raise awareness for mental health issues experienced during the winter months. Winter days are short, unpredictable, and lonely. Find your oasis in the middle of nowhere and make it your paradise.

“A Sleep Aid Lo-fi Mix: City of Dreams” (2021)

A Sleep aid designed by Bayesena Dreams Studios (MNL – YYZ) as a resource educational material for an occupational therapy academic webinar on Enhanced Sleep Participation. The tracklist is mainly produced by the BDS studio.

Sensory Living Home (2021-present)

Inspired by Tadao Ando/Mies van der Rohe, the architecture is a combination of Brutalism and Sensory Integration to create a Sensory-friendly living space. The furniture is designed by BDS under the collection of Miléson Rivéria.

The Leadership Capsules: A Take on Figurative Metabolism (2022)

A competition art piece that captures the zen concept of contentment. Without revealing all the elements that compose its mystery, the art piece shows a psychological interpretation of a future where leaders are back-to-back and not killing each other. The leaders no longer lead in a cutthroat world and seek to uplift one another. A new utopian world where inclusivity is the future.

Mental Health PH Collaboration (2022)

Bayesena Dreams Studios collaborated with MentalHealthPH to launch “The Hope Exercises”. The pubmats included interesting visuals and inspiring messages that evoke introspection. Moreover, through these worksheets, the collab aimed to help respective audiences realize and rediscover their goals and/or direction for the future. All this at their own pace and through a rewarding process. This campaign encourages hope through proactive self-acceptance.

Ephemeral (2022)

Inspired by Sou Fujimoto’s paper architecture, this student commons area has unique and interesting moments that stray away from the constraints of a dense building. The irregularly shaped windows let natural sunlight create an ephemeral effect within the space. The design is sensory-friendly as it suggests an overall playfulness and wonder.

PILLBOX UTOPIA (2022) by Nathan Osena, Ikjot Grewal, Arra Lin, Tej Dhillon

In the Symposium, a group of Athenian intellectuals were exchanging views on eros. Aristophanes proposed that the primeval man was round, but it’s divided into two, each being one individual. Humans are born incomplete and spend their life searching for the other half to achieve completion. While in modern days, being together is not a must but a choice. We recognize designing a 2-person household is more than just multiplying the capacity of space but considering two individuals’ demands. Being together is not necessarily mean the alignment of lifestyles while providing shared space, the couple could also preserve their individuality.